Communiqués de Presse | octobre 2021

BTS Biogas expands its business model by entering the market as an investor

The company is offering its capital, strong experience in the sector and its technological expertise to develop and invest in new biomethane production projects or acquire existing plants


Milan, 20 settembre 2021 - BTS Biogas, technological leader in the development and construction of biogas and biomethane plants, is expanding its business model by adding a new investor role to its traditional EPC activities in order to promote the development of biomethane production projects.

Thanks to the significant experience acquired from over 25 years in the sector and the financial strength brought by the new American owner, BDG Holdco LLC, controlled by Newlight Partners LP, BTS Biogas has expanded its offer, strengthening its position on the domestic and international markets.

As the first step in the new business model, BTS Biogas has launched the "Invest, Today" programme, targeting producers of biowaste such as farms, the food industry, large-scale retailers, businesses, government agencies and municipalities, with the aim of supporting and implementing circular economy projects. With "Invest, today" the Group is supporting the development and investment of greenfield and brownfield projects which have been authorised or are still waiting for authorisation, making available its capital, technological know-how and ability to build and manage complex plants.

Market trends in Europe are moving towards sustainability, and it is therefore essential to be active in the agricultural, waste disposal and by-product recovery sectors if we want to double the European production of biogas and biomethane to reach 44 billion cubic metres in 2030, as forecast by the European Biogas Association” declared Franco Lusuriello, CEO of BTS Biogas. “Through the 'Invest Today' project, we are demonstrating our interest in contributing to and developing this market by providing our financial means, design and customisation capabilities and our proprietary technology”.

BTS Biogas

BTS Biogas is a technology leader with over 25 years global experience in the field of anaerobic digestion. The company is involved in the development, engineering, construction and maintenance of more than 250 biogas plants in Europe, North America and East Asia. By retrieving organic waste from local authorities, food and agricultural companies, BTS Biogas plants are designed to generate a steady stream of renewable energy, biogas and biomethane, as well as soil amendment and fertilisers. Thanks to its industry-leading aerobic digestion technology, BTS Biogas is contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and assisting local communities in the effective energy transition to a circular economy.

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