Press Release | July 2022

A2A and BTS Biogas together for the development of new plants for the circular economy and decarbonization

The agreement provides for a partnership for the construction of biomethane plants in Italy, powered by agricultural and agro-industrial waste


Milan 15th July 2022A2A and BTS Biogas, technological leaders in the construction of biogas and biomethane plants, have signed a letter of intent aimed at defining a joint venture with the objective of constructing new plants and reconverting existing infrastructures that will be powered by animal and vegetable waste.
The agreement provides for an equal participation of A2A and BTS Biogas both in terms of investment and management aspects.
For A2A, the Group led by CEO Renato Mazzoncini, this initiative is in line with its business plan up to 2030, focused on energy transition and the circular economy: in fact, biomethane is one of the key factors for growth in the bioenergy sector, strategic for the contribution that the Life Company wants to provide for the country’s sustainable development and decarbonisation.

“We believe that this agreement with BTS Biogas can give a significant boost to the biogas and biomethane industry and a real contribution to the development of the circular economy through the production of energy from waste from the agro-food sector” – stated Stefano Granella, A2A Strategy & Growth Chief“This type of renewable energy can play a fundamental role both in achieving the European decarbonisation objectives and in increasing national gas supplies. This is also why A2A's business plan envisages the development of bioenergy through the conversion of existing plants, M&A and "greenfield" operations with the construction of new dedicated infrastructures”.

"We are proud to join forces with A2A to develop and construct biomethane plants in the coming years. - stated Franco Lusuriello, BTS Biogas CEOThis agreement is a significant step in contributing to the development of biomethane in our country and contributes to the EU goal of producing 35 billion cubic metres of biomethane by 2030 to cover about 10% of gas demand and contribute to European energy security. We are convinced that the Italian biogas supply chain has only minimally expressed its potential and that the multiplication of high-profile partnerships, such as the one signed between our two companies, can also play a significant role in achieving zero climate impact by the EU by 2050”.

The launch of the partnership will in any case be subject to a series of preliminary conditions that are typical of this type of agreement.


A2A is the Life Company that deals with energy, water and the environment, elements fundamental to life, thanks to the circular use of natural resources. It provides the areas and communities in which it operates with expertise and advanced technologies to improve people's quality of life and contribute to the sustainable growth of the country. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, with over 13,000 employees, the Group manages the generation, sale and distribution of energy and gas, district heating, the waste cycle, electric mobility and smart services for cities, public lighting and the integrated water service. Sustainability is at the heart of A2A's industrial strategy, one of the first companies to have defined a policy inspired by the 17 objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda. In order to promote the country's sustainable growth and make the energy transition and the circular economy practical realities, the ten-year business plan provides for investments of 18 billion Euros in projects aligned with the UN Agenda.

BTS Biogas

Biogas is a world-renowned technological innovator in the renewable energy market. The company is responsible for the development, engineering, construction and maintenance of over 250 biogas and biomethane plants across Europe, North America and East Asia. By recycling organic materials from municipalities, food companies and farms, BTS Biogas facilities are designed to generate a consistent supply of renewable energy as well as soil improvers and fertilizers. Through its proprietary, industry-leading anaerobic digestion technology, BTS Biogas is decreasing greenhouse gas emissions around the globe and helping local communities effectively transition towards the circular economy.

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