Complete assistance for customized plants

To ensure optimal and continuous operation of high-tech plants, great importance and constant investment has always been attributed to the development of a punctual and complete assistance service.

The customer can count on a highly specialized team and on the assurance of very short intervention times in all areas where the service is available. A team of experts is in fact available to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Complete assistance, biological, technical and automation, allows you to maximize profit by ensuring reliability and optimal technical-operational conditions.


Biological assistance

All types of analyzes necessary to optimize the biological process are carried out.
Estimates are made about possible biological problems, so as to avoid loss of production.
The yield of plants is maximized through optimal recipes and the use of micronutrients.
The problems are determined, and action is taken promptly on possible inhibitions of the microbiological process.
Software management, developed directly in our laboratories, for the management of biomass and for the organization of the supply of substrates based on the supply recipes of the plants.

Technical assistance

Our priority is to minimize intervention times on plants to achieve high profitability.
The interventions, carried out by specialized and qualified personnel, mechanics, electrical technicians, software and automation experts or systems engineers, can be carried out on call or take place according to periodic maintenance, to always maintain maximum efficiency.
The assistance involves interventions on:
mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts
pre and post treatment systems
upgrading systems

Assistance on the automation system

Our automation system allows us to remotely manage all parts of a plant. Plants can be constantly monitored to communicate any anomalies in real time to the operator and to the BTS Automation Service.
The assistance allows:
24/7 plant monitoring
security back-up on our server.
setting alarms
alarms are managed in real time and, if necessary, a team is immediately sent for on-site intervention,
drafting of intervention records
classification of any interventions with precise priority standards
A wide range of services for all needs
To support each customer and meet the specific needs that each enterprise or entrepreneur has to face, we have defined a wide range of specific packages to make our services available.

Full service

Our Full Service contract provides complete technical and biological services and consultancy:
Periodic maintenance
Constant monitoring of the alarm system
Replacement of consumables included
On-site intervention service within 24 hours, 7 days a week
Preventive measures and interventions
24/24 telephone assistance
Biological control of supply materials
Complete documentation of the interventions

Service light

Our Service-Light contract offers flexibility and a customized plant maintenance service:
Telephone service within 24 hours and 7 days a week
Complete documentation of the interventions
Periodic checks of plants by our technical experts (number to be defined with the customer)
Several hourly packages available for extraordinary maintenance