Even at biogas plants we need a family doctor!

Biogas is an alternative source for the production of  renewable energy, the result of fermentation of organic material (animal and vegetable) by  bacteria.

The number of bacteria and arches in the anaerobic system is about 10,000. So, 12 years ago, armed with this knowledge, BTS Biogas gave birth to METANlab, the first laboratory in Italy dedicated exclusively to biogas.

With over 8,000 analyses per year our METANlab provides Biological Consultancy to 130 plants in Europe. Thus, ensuring a stable anaerobic digestion process and the resulting biogas production.

Utilizing the most advanced technology, our lab analyses biological variables at 360° monitoring the performance and yields. The team, made up of analysts, biologists and agronomists, processes the data collected to provide the best solution for the production also on the economic scale.

As they say... prevention is better than cure