Press Release | October 2022

The bay of Garda is filled once again with colorful sails: the BTS Green Cup is back!

The second edition of the sailing competition, inspired by the environmental sustainability and organized by BTS Biogas and the Garda section of the Italian Naval League, will be held in the waters of Lake Garda on October 15th under the patronage of the Municipality of Garda and the Plastic Free Association.

The first edition established skipper Bianchini on “Essenziale” as the absolute winner, after a head-to-head battle with Asso 99 “Gradasso”, helmed by skipper Sabbadini with the students of Liceo Sportivo of Castelletto di Brenzone.


Affi (Verona), October 6th, 2022 – On the wake of the success of the first edition, the BTS Green Cup, the sailing competition organized by BTS Biogas, a technological leader in the development and construction of biogas and biomethane plants, is going to celebrate its second edition in collaboration with the Garda section of the Italian Naval League. Saturday October 15th, the bay of Garda will once again be the star of the initiative, sponsored by the Municipality of Garda and the Plastic Free Association, and strongly supported by BTS Biogas to strengthen the culture of sustainability and environmental responsibilities through the world of sailing.

The love for nature and sports combined with the awareness that every person can absolutely contribute to the protection of the planet, has led BTS Biogas and INL of Garda to organize the BTS Green Cup, which is becoming a benchmark for enthusiasts of this sport. In last year’s edition, the experienced crew of “Essenziale” with skipper Nicola Bianchini won the first spot of the podium after an exciting head-to-head race with Asso 99 “Gradasso” helmed by skipper Marta Sabbadini who was able to manage a crew consisting of the students of Liceo Sportivo of Castelletto di Brenzone. Up for grabs was a wooden trophy manufactured by a local craftsman. The sailing event also had vintage boats, among which a “Dragon”, the world’s most popular one-design keelboat, built in 1929, stood out in the waters of the bay.

On the morning of October 15th, the second edition of the sporting event will kick off: regatta and cruise boats will compete for the victory of the BTS Green Cup challenging themselves to the last section of the 14-nautical mile regatta, followed by a 9-nautical mile sailing race, dedicated to mainsail yachts, with crews composed of families and enthusiasts. The sailing race usually attracts teams that do not aim for competitive performance, rather choosing to participate to spend an exciting day together. To reward these boaters in the 2022 edition, the BTS Green Cup trophies will be enriched with a new award dedicated to the participants of the sailing race and the yacht clubs present with the largest number of boats. The competition will be coordinated by certified judges from the Italian Sailing Federation.

This year as well, Plastic Free, an association committed to raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution, will be alongside BTS Biogas and the Garda Naval League to amplify the message of environmental protection. On the day of the event the socially useful NPO will organize an ecological walk dedicated to families with children and all nature lovers who will have the opportunity to share a fun experience aimed at enhancing and protecting the environment.

We are proud to return once again to Garda with the BTS Green Cup, a competition that started last year from the collaboration with the Naval League, with which we share the important intent of engaging and stimulating people to think about the main environmental issues that creates greater awareness and spread the culture of sustainability,” said Franco Lusuriello, CEO of BTS Biogas. “Safeguarding our planet is not only an objective that we should pursue as individuals in everyday life, but is also the basis of our business. BTS Biogas is, in fact, an essential element of a circular economy as it produces renewable energy by transforming waste into a valuable resource. Through biogas plants we build around the world, we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while supporting the community during the energy transition”.

The first edition of the BTS Green Cup was a success,” declared Giorgio Castellani, President of the Italian Naval League – Garda section, “and thanks to the support of BTS Biogas, with this second edition we can continue the path that aims at involving a growing number of young and adult sportsmen and sportswomen, institutions, companies and associations to contribute to the dissemination of the culture of protecting the marine environment and inland waters, a value that is among the legislative purposes of the Italian Naval League and a regulation included by the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) in the Notice of the Race”.

The Garda Municipality administration is proud to host in the city’s water space the second edition of the BTS Green Cup,” affirmed Giovanna Rizzi, Councilor for Tourism and Events of the Municipality of Garda. “The event organized by BTS Biogas and the Italian Naval League section of Garda, has not only a sporting value, but wants to launch a series of important and current messages to which we are all sensitive too, which shows the environment as the primary purpose ”.

Plastic Free aims to educate and raise awareness of the dangers of plastic, which not only pollutes but endangers the lives of animals as well,” said Giovanna Leardini of Plastic Free. “Furthermore, we are involved in the field with numerous clean-up initiatives, sea turtles rescued and raising awareness in schools and municipalities. This is the context for the ecological walk dedicated to families with children which we organize as part of the BTS Green Cup, the trophy organized by BTS Biogas, a company that has always been attentive to the concepts of sustainability and environmental protection”.

This year too, BTS Green Cup is supported by the finest Italian names such as Allo Scudo food & drinks, Bottoli, BWT, Cembre, Farina, Pastificio Mozzo, POG (Garda Olive Producers), Riseria La Pila, S. Martino, San Nicolò, Tao Patch and Tonno Coalma.


  • 8.30 a.m.: start of the regatta
  • 8.45 a.m.: start of the sailing race
  • 10 a.m.-12 p.m.: ecological walk with Plastic Free
  • 3 p.m.: prize-giving ceremony



BTS Biogas

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