Press Release | March 2022

Versalis and BTS Biogas together to jointly develop an innovative biogas and biomethane production technology from lignocellulose biomasses


San Donato Milanese (Milan), 17th December 2021.

Versalis - Eni's chemical company - and BTS Biogas - an Italian company active in the biogas production plant design and construction sector - have signed an agreement to develop and market an innovative biogas and biomethane technology from lignocellulose residual biomasses. 
This technology will be based on the integration of Versalis proprietary biomass thermomechanical treatment technology with BTS Biogas biogas and biomethane fermentation-based production technology.

BTS Biogas has the know-how to produce biogas and biomethane from different types of biomasses, and suitable R&D infrastructures to assess the related processability and yield on a trial basis. Versalis - within Eni's broader decarbonization strategy - has started a transformation plan, aimed at making its own activities and products more diversified, and its contribution in terms of technological development helps achieve increasingly sustainable industrial solutions.

The main advantage of Versalis and BTS Biogas cooperation is allowing - thanks to this new technology - the production of advanced biomethane and biogas, with high yields, starting from residual lignocellulose biomasses, and thus helping the large-scale development of advanced biomethane production with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and with no agronomic impact.

BTS Biogas

BTS Biogas is a technology leader, with over 25 years of global experience in the field of anaerobic digestion. The Company deals with developing, engineering, constructing and servicing over 250 biogas plants in Europe, North America and East Asia. By recovering organic materials from local institutions, food and farming companies, BTS Biogas plants are designed to generate a constant production of renewable energy, biogas and biomethane, plus soil improvers and fertilizers. Thanks to its industry leader aerobic digestion technology, BTS Biogas is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and also supporting local communities in their energy transition, toward circular economy.

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